About Drexel Metals Inc.


Since 1985, Drexel Metals has provided a full range of superior-quality engineered metal roofing systems, equipment and custom fabrication services for commercial, institutional, industrial, historical and architectural customers worldwide. Headquartered in Louisville, KY, our company operates several sales, fabrication and distribution locations, in addition to our extended family of Regional Manufacturers known as DM-ARM members (Drexel Metals Association of Regional Manufacturers).


The DM-ARM market strategy transfers the production of the metal roof panel from the traditional “brick and mortar” factory to a local service area, and many times at the actual project site.  Since the metal roof panel represents only one component of the entire Drexel Metals roof system, we work together with owners, architects, designers and consultants to control every component used from the roof deck up to create the complete legitimate metal roof system. This includes specification development, attachment methods, clip spacing, shop drawings, structural calculations, trim dimensions, installation guidelines, underlayment and whatever is a mandatory to meet the required wind and performance specification, local building code and most important to ensure our contractors provide an lasting weathertight installation.  Drexel Metals’ proven-branded products are fully backed and qualified by our industry-leading warranty program and technical/engineering department.  Our installed products can be found at places like; Walt Disney World, professional sport stadiums, US military bases and privatized housing applications, Habitat for Humanity projects and multiple educational campuses around the country to name a few.

The Drexel Metals “DM-ARM” program allows installers better site control, more efficiency, freight savings, less scrap and waste and the ability to provide “metal roofing on-demand”.  These products are 100% Drexel Metals site-certified via our Quality Assurance program.

In fact, there are two main types of the DM-ARM:

  1. Contractors who manufacturer and install for their own Drexel Metals Metal Roof Systems
  2. DM-ARM Dealers; who manufacture and further markets Drexel Metals’ proven-brand products in their local markets to local contractors.  These brands can also be private labeled.  Our Dealers can range from small local manufacturers who service 100 miles from their buildings to large multi-state Distributors.   Since our dealers do not install they also manufacturer products for Drexel Metals National Account Program which brings in incremental business for our members.

Drexel Metals has over 50 DM-ARM members in local markets throughout the US along with hundreds of certified installers.

Visit: www.drexelmetals.com for more information or Contact us @ 888-321-9630

All email inquires regarding this blog can be sent to: bpartyka@drexmet.com


One thought on “About Drexel Metals Inc.

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