Metal Roof Warranties – Don’t be fooled by the years!

In the metal roofing industry it’s amazing that there is such as wide range of warranties! It’s actually become a bit of marketing game and one that confuses the contractors, architects and for the most part those metal roofing sales teams.  Here’s a simple question;  If we were to tell you that we’d supply you a product that comes with a 45-year SMP warranty vs. a product that would come with a 35-year PVDF warranty…which product would you choose? The 45 year product of course!  What you don’t know is that the SMP performance criteria is not as good as the PVDF system and more is actually less.  Let me breakdown the differences for you:Surf MallPaint Warranties cover three main items; Film Integrity, Chalk and Fade/Color Change. Paint doesn’t rust so the substrate is not included in your PAINT warranty (although there is a perforation warranty on Galvalume even when painted). Here’s a breakdown of each coverage item:

  • Film Integrity: The paint will not crack, flake of PEEL for the life of the warranty.
  • Chalk: This is a number system that allows for a certain amount of chalk. Chalk is the residue resulting from Weathering Decomposition of the paint films.  Visual Ratings are assigned according to ASTM D659 and ratings range from 10-0 with 10 being the best.
  • Fade/Color Change: is the change in the paint film color and appearance due to degradation from UV Radiation in Sunlight…this is also known as Color Weathering.   Ever hear of a Delta E or NBS unit?  This is the measuring unit for color color change per ASTMD2244.  Values range from 0 to infinity where 0 is the best (No color change).  This is measured on both Vertical and Non-Vertical applications.  Metal Roofs are typically Non-Vertical.

So back to that 45-year warranty.  This is actually the number of FILM INTEGRITY years that your warranty covers however if you read each section (Color change and Chalk) you will find that there is only a 30-year warranty on both chalk and color change.  So in reality, you have a 45-year warranty stating that your paint will not fall of your roof but only 30-year coverage on aesthetics.  The coverage is replacement materials only and does not include labor.

I wanted to give you an idea of color change using the photo below. On the left is the unexposed product and on the right is the allowable color change during the term of the warranty.   As you can see, PVDF (Kynar500(R) or Hylar5000(R)) resin systems perform much better in the color change department than the SMP system.  The 35-year warranty covers you for 35 years whereas the 45 year warranty actually covers you for 30 years.

kynar vs smpThe bottom line;  understand what’s covered and what is not and don’t be fooled by the # of years.  More is actually less in this case you’ll often make the wrong decision without understanding all of the facts. You may be thinking who cares…in 30 to 35 years I am not going to care what color my roof is….the key is you are not getting the value for what you think you are paying for.  Also keep in mind, warranties are only as good as the companies that stand behind them and most of them are non-transferable from owner to owner.

For more information about paint warranties please visit and make sure you check out our Gold Standard Paint Warranty; which covers labor, replacement materials and is fully transferable for the life of the warranty. It also requires a Drexel Metals Certified Installer to install your roof using approved Drexel Metal products from the roof deck up!


Drexel Metals “Metal Roofing On-Demand” DMARM program benefits members!

The Drexel Metals Association of Regional Manufacturers offers a HUGE competitive advantage for our members. Our tag line is “Metal Roofing On-Demand”.  If you own and operate your own metal roofing panel equipment then you should consider joining the DMARM…you will not be disappointed and you will start to put your investment to work!

Wiki’s are just not for leaking confidential documents…they are designed to help our DMARM members.  Watch the video below to see how you gain access to everything you need to compete and win! :

For more information about Drexel Metals LLC and to join our DMARM program please click here!

Drexel Metals offers BIM objects for their metal roof systems!

Shelton, CT, October 26, 2010 — ARCAT, a major publisher of building product information has developed and posted on their site, data rich AutoDesk® Revit® BIM objects for Drexel Metals, LLC. Anyone can use these objects at no charge.
In addition to creating accurate graphics, ARCAT and Drexel have added appropriate product data to each object, saving architects and engineers a significant amount of time doing data entry and product research. All of Drexel’s objects, graphics and content, are uniform and modifiable for ease of use.

Click here to access the BIM Files

In addition to product information, ARCAT has embedded links in the objects to Drexel’s CSI 3-Part specs. ARCAT & Drexel Metals, LLC uphold the belief that high quality graphics are only the tip of the building information modeling iceberg, and it is the limitless amount of information held within the model that is driving the AEC community to adopt parametric software platforms such as Revit.

For more information about Drexel Metals please visit our website at

More about BIM:

Building information modeling covers geometry, spatial relationships, light analysis, geographic information, quantities and properties of building components (for example manufacturers’ details). BIM can be used to demonstrate the entire building life cycle, including the processes of construction and facility operation. Quantities and shared properties of materials can be extracted easily. Scopes of work can be isolated and defined. Systems, assemblies and sequences can be shown in a relative scale with the entire facility or group of facilities.

Metal Roofs made locally with Drexel Metals “buy local” business model

With Drexel Metals Metal Roofing Systems, contractors and roofing distributors can have material on site and begin fabricating panel’s on-demand for a fraction of the cost of traditional factories.

Drexel Metals has created a local “in your market/buy local” business model where regional manufacturers establish distribution points so that they can supply owners cost efficiently and on-demand. This innovative manufacturing process follows Drexel Metals quality assurance program and also helps to reduce fuel consumption!

Our business model helps to eliminate the amount of diesel fuel used and the amount of wood packaging as our customers own machinery that manufacturer Drexel Metals Metal Roof Systems at your project site under our QA program. We ship our product as coil and our regional manufacturers have the engineered roofing assemblies to meet the most strigenet building codes in the country.  You and your contractrs no longer have to worry about shipping damage or if their measurements were done properly.

Your peace of mind…Drexel Metals issues the warranty, we are jointly accountable for all records for traceability and we hold our customers to higher level by offering them the ability to become one of our certified contractors certificate.   For more information about Drexel Metals please visit…its the smarter choice by far!

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About Drexel Metals:

Since 1985, Drexel Metals LLC has evolved into one of the leading companies in the metal roofing industry. Our goal is to offer a peace of mind for the building owner and architect by offering products that will meet your requirement each and every time. Drexel Metals is leading the way by offering certification of our installation contractors, robust warranties that protect the owner and a full product line of sustainable metal roofing products and practices. Our management team is a diverse group of industry experts who bring over 200 years combined operating experience – both hands-on experiences on the roof as well as in Fortune 500 companies.

Drexel Metals DM-ARM program brings value

Metal Roofing On-Demand

Metal Roofing On-Demand

Drexel Metals LLC did not invent the portable roll-former we just made it credible by backing hundreds of regional manufacturers with the support and a peace of mind. The Drexel Metals Association of Regional Manufacturers provides machine owners everything they need to compete with the traditional fixed in place manufacturers.  DM-ARM members are “armed” with the all of the engineering, warranties, technical know how, customer service and superior quality however our panels can be made locally, eliminating the need for lead times and giving the control back to our members to deliver quality Drexel Metals Roof Systems on-demand!  Drexel Metals products are environmental friendly as we can ship twice as much material on truck, combine shipments for small quantities and reduce packaging as the products are made in your local area and even at your jobsite.

We’d like to welcome our newest member: Academy Roofing who was named the Roofing Contractor Magazine’s Roofing Contractor of the Year:  Click here to read the article: reprint_rc1108_coty_res

More about the DM-ARM

The DM-ARM quality assurance program ensures proper manufacturing as well as traceability and accountability for our warranty programs. Our members are linked in as they have access our marketing programs, quarterly webinars on how improve their business and their very own DM-ARM wiki, a website designed to give the members quick access to engineering and everything they need for a submittal.  DM-ARM is your all-inclusive solution to any quality, consistency and safety concerns that you may have about on-demand fabrication. DMARM offers solutions and support that allow contractors to fabricate Drexel Metal Roof Systems with confidence.  Our members get preferred treatment as they are able to participate in our Drexel Metal Solar Roof Program, allowing anther competitive advantage for our members.

Drexel Metals DMC175S - DMARM Member: Kupex Exteriors

Drexel Metals DMC175S - DMARM Member: Kupex Exteriors

Tools Tools and More Tools.

Empowering. Drexel Metal Roofing Systems gives contractors and distributors increased control over their businesses by giving them the means to fabricate and install premier quality metal roofing with quicker turnaround and greater control over quality.

Progressive.  Drexel is creating a new business model where regional manufacturers can establish distribution points so that they can supply contractors cost efficiently and on-demand.

Fill orders on-demand, not in weeks. With materials we have in inventory, you can fabricate panels and fill orders on-demand instead of waiting weeks for delivery of pre-fab FIP panels. Drexel can supply you with coils in any material and color with a short lead-time. Either way, you’ll increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and build repeat business.

Virtually eliminate delivery time. Top quality materials in the color you need can be delivered on-demand, allowing you to get started on a job as soon as the contract is signed. No more idle crews waiting for panels to arrive. You’ll have greater flexibility and greater control over your business.

Fabricate on-demand with total peace-of-mind.  You’ll have all the tools you need to compete against fixed-in-place manufacturers—and win.  Everything you need for quick, hassle-free approvals is yours.  Drexel has cut the red tape for you.

Take advantage of the industry’s premier support system.  When you’re a member of DMARM (Drexel Metals Association of Regional Manufacturers) we’ll always have your back. From on-site training and inspections to stringent quality control and warranty programs, Drexel provides customers with support and service unrivalled in the industry.

In an industry where customers have become accustomed to not being heard, Drexel has created a culture of customer service that is uniquely respectful, responsive and collaborative.   Drexel rewards your commitment to us with increased opportunities for success backed by responsive, on-demand customer service and skilled technical support. Drexel Metals puts the power to cost-efficiently fabricate high quality metal roofing components on-demand into the hands of regional manufacturers. Our engineering and technical expertise give you the tools to increase profitability and customer satisfaction, as well as the peace-of-mind to take the next step in building a more successful business. Specifically, through DMARM, Drexel provides state-of-the-art panel-fabrication machinery, comprehensive training, an unparalleled quality assurance program, a reliable material supply chain, a robust warranty program and responsive, on-demand customer service and technical support. Drexel customers have everything they need to obtain quick, hassle-free approvals.

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