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Drexel Metals’ Metal Roofs are a great choice for the Jersey Shore!

I grew up in Central New Jersey, Exit 7A off the NJ Turnpike in a town just south of Princeton.  For those who know 7A it’s the exit for 195 or Six Flags or Shore Points.  In my youth, we vacationed as a family on Long Beach Island and many day trips down to the Point Pleasant boardwalk.   My dad’s boat was docked in Belmar’s “Shark River” Inlet and remember waking up early on Saturday summer mornings to go fishing with my dad and our neighbor, Bob…I cherish those days.   I met a Jersey girl from exit 116 off of the Garden State Parkway, we got married in Red Bank and had our rehearsal dinner on the beach at Rooney’s in Long Branch.  My Jersey roots are deep and although we now live over the river in PA we take our two girls who we take down the shore to create lifelong memories for them!  In fact, owning a shore house is on our bucket list.

Prior to Hurricane Andrew hitting southern Florida, the Miami area was considered to have one of the best building codes in the country. Fortunately, Miami was spared from the worst part of this storm. Only 20% of the metropolitan area was affected by Andrew. Since Andrew hit, the population has nearly doubled. Building structures are one of the best in the nation.  In fact, building product manufacturers spends millions of R&D dollars to make sure their products meet the high sustained wind requirements.

In an instance like Hurricane Katrina, most of the damage and problems occurred due to the infrastructure of the city and the malfunctions of man-made levees. The way I see it, Hurricane Andrew was the wind-storm whereas Katrina was a storm of epic flooding conditions. Could it be possible that these two elements are combined by one storm pushing into a vulnerable city? It is possible and we witnessed this with Hurricane Sandy with storm surge and Category 2 sustained winds.

Hurricane Katrina was a Category 3 hurricane when it pushed into the Gulf States. If there is anything to learn from past hurricanes, it is that we should always be ready for a hurricane and be prepared ahead of time.   By prepared, I am not writing about having the right amount of batteries or gas for the generator.  Nope…I am talking about when the re-build occurs that we adopt the same philosophy as Dade County, the state of Florida and the fourteen counties along the coast of Texas have adopted…that is to use tested, listed and approved Building products.   Zone the Jersey shore as an HVHZ area (High Velocity Hurricane Zone) with wind maps and building codes that reflect location on the structure.

I’m a partner in a metal roofing manufacturing company with locations throughout the US.  One of our branches is in Clearwater, FL and in the state of Florida, you either have your product approved by the State or you can’t have your products installed.  This is by law and is a way of life for the contractors and manufacturers.   We’ve invested the required tests and submitted our products to withstand sustained hurricane force winds.  For us…this is money well spent and for those who live under one of our installed metal roofs it’s a peace of mind that their family and their belongings are protected from the events like Sandy and Andrew.   Rebuilding the Jersey shore will happen…just like South Florida rebuilt after Andrew…however when we re-build the homes and buildings will require more thought than when they were built in the 60’s and 70’s.

Drexel Metals DMC175S - DMARM Member: Kupex Exteriors

Drexel Metals DMC175S – DMARM Member: Kupex Exteriors

I realize that a lot of the damage from Hurricane Sandy was flood related it should not be overlook that there were sustained winds of 80+ Mph.  Since my background is in roofing, specifically metal roofing I think its important to tell you why you should choose a new Drexel Metals Metal Roof when you are looking to rebuild down the Shore:

  1. Designed and engineered to meet 120+ MPH sustained wind speeds.
  2. Dade County Approved roofing assemblies.  The word “assembly” is key…all roof systems start with the attachment to the structure and its built up from there.  Just installing a “metal roof” without understanding the deck attachment, height of the seam and clip spacing does not mean it will meet HVHZ requirements.
  3. In salt environments, we engineer painted aluminum metal roof systems.  These are corrosion resistant and will provide a 35+ year life span for your property.
  4. Energy Efficient and made of Recycled materials.
  5. Class A fire rated assemblies
  6. Wide range of colors
  7. Low Maintenance
  8. Sheds snow
  9. Continuous from Eave to Ridge
  10. Internally fastened

Here’s a wind speed map for your reference:

Wind speed map

Metal Roofing is the obvious choice for replacement and if Drexel Metals can help you to ensure you are re-building with the right product and more importantly that you have the product by a certified installer of Drexel Metals products.  Please stay away from storm chasing contractors, never give a deposit to an out of state contractor and always make sure that the products they are installing are backed by the manufacturer.   I’ve seen too many homeowners loose deposits during the rebuilding process in Florida.

Please feel free to contact me directly via email if I can assist or call 888.321.9630 or visit or for more information.


Metal Roofs and Fire – Choose a Drexel Metals Metal Roof System!!!

Drexel Metal Roof Systems can be considered one of  the safest of roofs due to its class A fire rating and non-combustibility…

It's true...Pictures say a thousand words!

It’s true…Pictures say a thousand words! Metal Roofs perform better than any other roof system and will protect your investment!!!!

Drexel Metal Roofs are tested and listed with UL – Click the link below:

  • Class A rating is non-combustible, and so will withstand severe fire exposure without igniting.
  • Class B rating is given to roof structures that can withstand a moderate amount of fire exposure.
  • Class C rating is the lowest rating applied to roofing materials, and can only withstand a small amount of fire exposure, but enough to allow those inside to escape.
  • Metal isn’t combustible, metal roofing is fire-rated as Class A.

Watch this video of a shingle roof fire (metal roofs are safer):

Drexel Metals Roof System - Class A flame spread
Drexel Metals Roof System – Class A flame spread

Keep in mind, it’s impossible to create a fireproof structure, fire ratings system allows architects and builders to select materials that reduce the spread of fire, giving more time for your family to vacate and allowing more time for firefighters to arrive and fight it.  Drexel Metal roof systems are fire-rated as Class A, they represent the most fire protection offered in a roofing material.

Though your Drexel Metal roof system carries a of Class A fire rating, your entire roof structure may receive a different rating. When a building’s roof is fire-rated, all the materials are taken into account–including whatever is underneath the metal roof. For example, if a metal roof is installed on top of something that is not Class A like wood shingles, the shingles will lower the roof’s fire rating because they are made of a combustible material. Therefore, though the metal roofing is rated as Class A, the entire roof structure may receive a Class C rating.  Please make sure your entire assembly carries a Class A fire rating…if you have any questions please do not hesitate to call Drexel Metals at 888 321 9630.

Click this helpful link to visit the US Forest Service’s “protecting residences from wildfires” article

Having a Drexel Metal roof systems with a Class A, your structure will have much more protection from fire, and so is suitable for even the most fire-prone of areas, such as dry climates with frequent wildfires!!!  For more information call Drexel Metals at 888-321-9630  or visit

Drexel Metals Falzinc…and great alternative to Terne Coated Stainless (TCS2)

Foldable Aluminum Zinc –


Falzinc is lightweight foldable material that provide attractive raised seam alternatives for roofing and façade design when a more traditional metal appearance is desired.

Falzinc combines the benefits of aluminium with the distinctive mellow aesthetics of weathered zinc.


Falzinc is suitable for a wide range of new build and refurbishment applications.

The fusion of the two layers in each product offers advanced performance yet lends itself to traditional metalworking skills – even in freezing temperatures. Falzinc can be used to fabricate technically and visually demanding junctions and interfaces, with a range of complementary accessories and components.

Drexel Metals now offers S-5 ColorGard Snow Retention System for Metal Roofs

Drexel Metals now offers the complete S-5 ColorGard Snow Retention system in Stock at our Denver, Jessup and Ivyland locations!

Please contact your local Drexel Metals branch or visit us on our website

Drexel Metals meets with GPIC – Greater Philadelphia Innovation Cluster for Energy Efficient Buildings


Drexel Metals met today with the Greater Philadelphia Innovation Cluster (GPIC) for Energy Efficient Buildings regarding exploring the opportunity to work together to create awareness about the importance of creating and monitoring performance of the building envelope.  The GPIC (  received $129 million from the Federal Government’s Energy Regional Innovation Cluster (E-RIC) Initiative. The award included $122 million from the U.S. DOE to create an Energy Innovation Hub to develop innovative energy efficient building technologies, designs and systems.

For more information about GPIC

The goals of the GPIC are to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions of new and existing buildings, and to stimulate private investment and quality job creation.

The GPIC will focus on full spectrum retrofit of existing average size commercial and multi-family residential buildings.  The program goal is to transform the commercial building retrofit and new construction processes into a systems-delivery industry, and demonstrate building operational energy savings of 50% by 2013-2015 in a scalable, repeatable and cost effective manner across a broad building stock, while preserving workplace quality.

A comprehensive research, development and deployment program will be performed that simultaneously addresses the maturation of integrated design and system technologies, exploration of new business models and public policies that accelerate the technology adoption, and the creation of robust workforce development paths. Commercial building stock turns over slowly, and major overhauls are relatively rare. Major retrofit demonstrations are emerging, like the Empire State Building, but they are rare point solutions and achieve less than 40% energy improvement and are not generally scalable to the less than 100,000 square foot building stock.

Scalable 50% energy reduction retrofits – DOE’s building energy goal is to reduce the annual energy use of buildings by 80% in the year 2050.  New approaches to design/build/operate building system technologies, new business models,  public policies, and workforce development paths are required.  An interim goal of demonstrating 50% energy efficiency improvement was selected to stretch beyond applying conventional solutions which have been demonstrated in select retrofit examples in the ~30% efficiency improvement range.  This 50% energy efficiency goal requires that the technical, policy and workforce solutions sets are scalable to at least 50% of today’s commercial building stock.  This goal demands rethinking every technical approach and solution set as well as adopting new business value propositions, public policy positions and workforce development processes.

Drexel Metals Inc. is extremely excited about the opportunity to work with the GPIC to research and expand our energy efficient metal roofing assemblies and to work to expand our product portfolio by adding proven technologies to maximize building envelope performance.
For more information about Drexel Metals please visit our website or call 888.321.9630 x115

Drexel Metals Inc. featured as an “Authentic American Inspiration” on An America Story!

Written and published by: by Allen Associates

Typical holiday tale: it is snowing heavily, but Old Man Winter’s cruel joke does not find a punch line in you-your home is bulletproof to his icy ammunition. You load the better half and the kids into the car, passing a mall and a stream of quick-serve restaurants along the way to the airport. Amidst the seasonal luggage and population headaches, you board the jumbo jet, where soon it descends onto sunny Florida terrain. As the plane drifts downwards, the shiny rooftops glimmer, a light show welcoming wagon to a much deserved vacation. The taxi carries the family towards the sun drenched hotel, the immaculately crafted art-deco homes fly by, the escapist architecture a perfect pairing to the enchanted aroma of seashells and leisure. You arrive to the sprawling, sea- swept resort, unwind, and within minutes find yourself and the brood combing the beach, en route to the iconic seafood restaurant you spent months salivating over through your desktop. It is a standard American chronicle. And at the heart of it all is Drexel Metals.

Drexel Metals is the roof over America’s head. From homes, restaurants, shopping centers, malls-in the makeup of any dwelling’s outfit, Drexel provides the hat.

Drexel Metals is a leading provider of standing seam metal roofing systems, supplied through its network of regional manufacturers known as the DM-ARM (Drexel Metals Association of Regional Manufacturers). As well as metal roofing, Drexel also is Green, supplying greatly effective photovoltaic solar roof systems, which are engineered to integrate with Drexel Metals’ roof systems, flat roof applications and commercial/ residential retrofit applications. And make no mistake, there is nothing utilitarian about the organization’s products; as architectural design goes, Drexel’s fabrication artisans know how to please the aesthetic.

Driven by the tenets of customer service and integrity, Drexel’s on-demand approach, premium quality fabrications and cost efficiency have landed the company, in terms of industry prestige, in the same place where their state-of-the-art roofs sit on a building-at the top. Using local empowerment, made-in-America sensibilities, and crafting a safe, attractive and endlessly reliable product, Drexel Metals looks to remain in their deservedly lofty perch.

It is noble to be kind to the elderly, so apologies to Old Man Winter and ancient roofing technology. It was a good run, but Drexel Metals has one foot in the future and the other foot, well, further into the future. The great indoors never felt so good.

The original version can be found by visiting Allen and Associates

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