Drexel Metals proud to ‘Pay it Forward’ in Louisville with Valentine Basketball Camp


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (July 5, 2016) – Taking advantage of an opportunity to give back to its hometown Louisville community, Drexel Metals is a major sponsor for the Valentine Basketball Camps, scheduled for four week-long sessions this summer.

Robbie Valentine, a member of the 1986 University of Louisville men’s national championship team, has been conducting the camps for kids ages 6-16 for more than 30 years. Some of the guests who will be dropping by during the camps include former Louisville coach Denny Crum, 1986 Louisville team members Milt Wagner and Chris West and 1980 Louisville national championship teammates Tony Branch and Wiley Brown.

“We’ve been doing the camps for 31-plus years and this will be our first year at the KFC Yum Center here in Louisville,” Valentine says. “And it’s not just about basketball. It’s about the kids making better decisions in their lives and maybe getting a job at Drexel Metals someday.”

Other local sponsors include Papa John’s and Vision Works.

“This was a great opportunity for us to be involved with a program that does so much for our kids and families here in Louisville,” says Brian Partyka, president of Drexel Metals. “Robbie is an inspiration and he’s been doing tremendous work for a long time. He’s got a lot of fans here in Kentucky. If you know anything about the state of Kentucky, there is a great passion for the game of basketball, horses, bourbon and a special pride in being from the Bluegrass State. There is nothing better than to help kids in and around the communities where Drexel Metals has locations. This year Drexel Metals sponsored 40 kids that were required to maintain good grades and had parent engagement that otherwise would not have been able to afford or attend Robbie’s basketball camp. We’re very excited to be a part of such a strong program for Louisville youth.”


Drexel Metals Inc. is headquartered in Louisville, Ky., with locations in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Tampa, Denver and more than 60 DM-ARM Authorized Fabricators throughout the U.S. Drexel Metals, a member of the Metal Roofing Alliance, has sales offices located throughout the country. For more information, call 888-321-9630 or visit www.drexelmetals.com or www.residentialmetalroof.com.


Metal Roof Warranties – Don’t be fooled by the years!

In the metal roofing industry it’s amazing that there is such as wide range of warranties! It’s actually become a bit of marketing game and one that confuses the contractors, architects and for the most part those metal roofing sales teams.  Here’s a simple question;  If we were to tell you that we’d supply you a product that comes with a 45-year SMP warranty vs. a product that would come with a 35-year PVDF warranty…which product would you choose? The 45 year product of course!  What you don’t know is that the SMP performance criteria is not as good as the PVDF system and more is actually less.  Let me breakdown the differences for you:Surf MallPaint Warranties cover three main items; Film Integrity, Chalk and Fade/Color Change. Paint doesn’t rust so the substrate is not included in your PAINT warranty (although there is a perforation warranty on Galvalume even when painted). Here’s a breakdown of each coverage item:

  • Film Integrity: The paint will not crack, flake of PEEL for the life of the warranty.
  • Chalk: This is a number system that allows for a certain amount of chalk. Chalk is the residue resulting from Weathering Decomposition of the paint films.  Visual Ratings are assigned according to ASTM D659 and ratings range from 10-0 with 10 being the best.
  • Fade/Color Change: is the change in the paint film color and appearance due to degradation from UV Radiation in Sunlight…this is also known as Color Weathering.   Ever hear of a Delta E or NBS unit?  This is the measuring unit for color color change per ASTMD2244.  Values range from 0 to infinity where 0 is the best (No color change).  This is measured on both Vertical and Non-Vertical applications.  Metal Roofs are typically Non-Vertical.

So back to that 45-year warranty.  This is actually the number of FILM INTEGRITY years that your warranty covers however if you read each section (Color change and Chalk) you will find that there is only a 30-year warranty on both chalk and color change.  So in reality, you have a 45-year warranty stating that your paint will not fall of your roof but only 30-year coverage on aesthetics.  The coverage is replacement materials only and does not include labor.

I wanted to give you an idea of color change using the photo below. On the left is the unexposed product and on the right is the allowable color change during the term of the warranty.   As you can see, PVDF (Kynar500(R) or Hylar5000(R)) resin systems perform much better in the color change department than the SMP system.  The 35-year warranty covers you for 35 years whereas the 45 year warranty actually covers you for 30 years.

kynar vs smpThe bottom line;  understand what’s covered and what is not and don’t be fooled by the # of years.  More is actually less in this case you’ll often make the wrong decision without understanding all of the facts. You may be thinking who cares…in 30 to 35 years I am not going to care what color my roof is….the key is you are not getting the value for what you think you are paying for.  Also keep in mind, warranties are only as good as the companies that stand behind them and most of them are non-transferable from owner to owner.

For more information about paint warranties please visit http://www.drexelmetals.com and make sure you check out our Gold Standard Paint Warranty; which covers labor, replacement materials and is fully transferable for the life of the warranty. It also requires a Drexel Metals Certified Installer to install your roof using approved Drexel Metal products from the roof deck up!

Drexel Metals Falzinc…and great alternative to Terne Coated Stainless (TCS2)

Foldable Aluminum Zinc –


Falzinc is lightweight foldable material that provide attractive raised seam alternatives for roofing and façade design when a more traditional metal appearance is desired.

Falzinc combines the benefits of aluminium with the distinctive mellow aesthetics of weathered zinc.


Falzinc is suitable for a wide range of new build and refurbishment applications.

The fusion of the two layers in each product offers advanced performance yet lends itself to traditional metalworking skills – even in freezing temperatures. Falzinc can be used to fabricate technically and visually demanding junctions and interfaces, with a range of complementary accessories and components.

“Drexel Metals Upgrades Technical Department”

As Drexel Metals continues to expand its Drexel Metals Association of Regional Manufacturers, it has also expanded the range of its technical services and the quality of its Technical Services Department.

Drexel Metals began expanding its technical services a year ago with the addition of Jason Shumate, a 17-year industry veteran who is Drexel Metals’ Technical Director. Jason holds a Associates of Technical Design Degree and is completing his LEED AP BD+C.

Drexel Metals’ Technical Department offers Project Specific Shop Drawings; Project Specific Sealed Engineering Calculations; Installation Details in CAD, BIM, and PDF; Estimating through Topview, Pictometry, and F.W. Dodge; Specification Support; Onsite Installation Training; Onsite Machine/Rollformer Training; Weather Tightness Warranty (WTW) Program and Inspections; Product Research & Development; and Product Testing

Working with Jason are:

  • Jeff Hock, a five year Drexel Metals Employee and his responsibilities include weather tight warranties inspections and estimating and takeoffs in the southeast.
  • Tony Spaw, joined the company in March and holds an Associate of Applied Science in Architectural Computer Aided Design Drafting is responsible for shop drawings and technical assistance and preparing estimates.
  • Frank Oswald, Drexel Metals most recent addition joined the company in August of this year. Frank holds a BS from the University of Wisconsin in Construction Administration and an Associate Science degree in Civil Engineering from Madison Area Technical College, is responsible for weather tight warranty inspections, submittal package reviews, machine training and technical sales.

With this combination of real world experience and technical education the Technical Services Department at Drexel Metals Inc offers its customers the widest array of technical and installation support available in the industry. The company will continue to add to its investment in customer focused technical support throughout 2012 with additional product engineering and testing, new products and new facilities for both training and testing.

Drexel Metals Inc, Offers Information on Financial Incentives for Their Solar Roof System


Drexel Metals Inc, Offers Information on Financial Incentives for Their Solar Roof System
Ivyland, PA –September 28, 2011:  Drexel Metals Solar Roof System offers a complete design system in place to provide an integrated fully operational rooftop solar power system that is tied into the utility grid.  As part of this full system, Drexel Metals is working with their customers to obtain financial incentives to help offset some of the installation costs.

Drexel  Metals’ customers are learning about tax and utility incentives for the installation of the Solar Roof System  in their location through education based on the Database for Solar Incentives and Renewable Energy.   That  database was established in 1995 and is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy.  DSIRE is an ongoing project of the North Carolina State University Solar Center and the Interstate Renewable Energy Council.   Drexel  Metals is providing comprehensive information from this  database related to the most recent  federal, state and local tax incentives and policies that apply toward the installation of renewable energy systems such as Drexel Metals Solar Roof System.

The financial incentives can potentially include grant programs, bond programs, loan programs, tax credits, tax deductions, leasing programs, and bond programs.  The database also provides information on the latest building energy codes in local jurisdictions.   In addition, information on utility incentive programs is described in the state and county of interest.  These incentives can be in the form of rebates, net metering,  and  Renewable Energy Credits (REC).  RECs are used as an incentive to their customers as a way  for the utility to meet their Renewables Portfolio Standards that require electricity suppliers to obtain a minimum percentage of their energy using renewable energy by a certain date.

Drexel Metals is also fully knowledgeable about the  Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit. This is a 30% federal tax credit for qualified residential energy property (including Drexel Metals Solar Roof System) placed in service after January 2006.  Federal legislation has extended the deadline for this tax credit to December 31, 2016 and has removed the maximum credit amount for eligible technologies.

The Drexel Metals Solar Roof System is installed in a quick connect manner complete with the necessary amount of photovoltaic modules, inverters, cables, wiring, combiner boxes, disconnect switches and other accessories.   Once installed, the solar power system provides electricity to the building, and in some cases any excess electricity can be returned to the utility through the grid connection.  Drexel Metals uses UL listed thin film photovoltaic products and related equipment.  The system components are also listed by the California Energy Commission as Eligible Renewable Equipment.  The thin-film photovoltaic system  comes with a 25-year power output warranty.

Drexel Metals Inc, is ready to provide you with more information on their Solar Roof system and the financial incentives that may be available in your location.

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