Read between the lines – Not all Metal Roofing Paint Warranties are created equal

Metal Roofs are the best roofs that money can buy;  They last longer than other roof systems, utilize “cool” technologies allowing them to improve the percentages to reflect rather than absorb heat energy and can withstand most of what mother nature throws at the structure.  However DON’T be FOOLED by the number of years of the manufacturer PAINT warranty.

There are Three main components of a Paint Warranty;

  • Film Integrity or paint adhesion  paints ability to remain on the substrate and will not crack, blister or flake.
  • Color Change or how many allowable shade units will the color change over time
  • Chalk Rating or how much vividness will the product lose based on the “white film” produced over time.

Metal Roofing manufacturers do misrepresent their years on their warranty based on FILM INTEGRITY.  A 40-year warranty sounds much better than a 30-year warranty SO PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR CHALK AND FADE YEARS!

A quality metal roofing warranty will match the chalk and fade requirements in the warranty with the number of years of film integrity.  We recently had a competitive situation that required a 40-year warranty and when we peeled it back we found 40-years on Film Integrity and 30-years on Chalk and Fade. In our opinion, this is a 30-year color fade paint warranty and not 40-years as advertised.  History shows us that properly applied paint will provide years and years of worry free adhesion the appearance of the roof is more important to the owner.  This is misleading and not healthy for our industry.

So buyer beware….read your metal roof warranties….they are selling tools and make sure you are getting what you are paying for.  Less is more with paint warranties and make sure you have a quality manufacturer to stand behind the product.


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